Bergstrom Climate Systems (BCS) is a global leader in the design, development, and manufacture of climate control systems for the agricultural, construction, and commercial vehicle industries.

BCS recognizes and professes the need for organizations of any industry to understand and act on their environmental influences. We appreciate this responsibility to the furthest reaches of our global business, and to the legislature that governs our routines, by committing to the implementation and maintenance of an environmental management system. By emphasizing green business practices, BCS commits to an effective, efficient management system that compels us to act beyond ordinary obligation to our world, our society, our customers, and our employees.

We commit to:

  • Promote a reduce, reuse, and recycle agenda

  • Monitor our energy use and pursue increased efficiency

  • Compliance with environmental requirements and regulations relating to business practices

  • Continuous improvement of our environmental management system

  • Dedicated employees educated in our environmental policies and philosophy

  • Influence our business partners’ awareness of their environmental impact

  • Conservation, sustainability, and the use of renewable resources

  • Promote and observe practices that minimize pollution to our environment.



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