Niche market opportunities

Niche market opportunities

April 24, 2020

Opportunities for niche markets are boundless

What niche market opportunities does Kysor bring to you? It’s pretty simple – if the vehicle has a cab, we have the product to heat and cool it.

When considering applications, the important thing to think about is how to best "spot cool” the operator. First and foremost, determine where you can place the air outlets, so they are as close to the operator as possible.

How to pick the right unit

There are a few simple – but important – steps to determine the best unit for your niche application:

1. Understand the application

Tough environments demand the toughest climate control systems. That’s why it’s important to understand what type of environment the vehicle operates in. On-road applications typically use lighter constructed units than off-road applications, which are usually constructed from heavy gage steel.

2. Inspect the cab for possible locations

Units can be installed in many different spots in the cab, including the back wall, headliner, roof top or under the dash. If a physical inspection is not possible, we recommend you ask for pictures and measurements and then compare those with the dimensions of the unit, which can be found in the Kysor catalog.

3. Identify a location for the compressor

Inspect the engine compartment for possible locations for a compressor mount and if a radiator mounted condenser is possible. If there is no place to mount a compressor, an electric unit is an option. Most likely it will be a roof top, but an eCoolPark in the cab with a remote powered condenser is also a solution.

4. Identify proper hoses and fitting

Once you have the unit solution, all that’s left is to measure hoses and select fittings.

With that information in hand, you’ll be able to provide a quote to your customer. If installation labor is required, that will vary based on the components and the location.

Think green when it comes to no-idle markets

With increasingly stringent no-idling laws, electrified systems have become very popular. Bergstrom has designed units for the no-idle market for more than 15 years – there are more than 50,000 NITE Phoenix and NITE SSI systems in the market. Other products to consider for no-idle environments are:

  • The eCoolPark® system, an innovative, eco-friendly battery electric system that integrates into the existing vehicle HVAC system to enable the user to shut off their engine while turning on their system to maintain their cab temperature.
  • The Integral Power system, which is a completely self-contained unit that runs off deep cycle batteries.

For more information about niche market opportunities, please reach out to your regional sales contact.