Bergstrom - Facilities

San Antonio - US

San Antonio - US

The Bergstrom facility in San Antonio is a manufacturing plant that partners with OEM customers worldwide to help design and mold custom plastic parts and assemblies. Our team is committed to our customer's success by enhancing end products, reducing overall part and production costs, and streamlining assembly and manufacturing processes. This facility is our most recent U.S. addition.

Benefits of this facility include:
  • Competitive location
  • Proven to be competitive in multiple markets
  • Significant capacity available
  • Dedicated cross-functional team who responds quickly
  • Single digit quality PPM’s
  • Support cost-reduction opportunities with our partners by leveraging our capabilities in San Antonio
  • Introduce value-added steps within the molding cycle eliminating waste and reducing component cost

Plastic Molding Capabilities

We can work with many customers in need of plastic molding capabilities for their products. Our capabilities include:
  • 800T presses with 7.3 kg shot size and 1320 x 1220 mm mold size
  • 600T press with 3.8 kg shot size and 1020 x 1020 mm mold size
  • 500T press with 2.4 kg shot size and 920 x 920 mm mold size
  • Part sizes suitable to produce from 120 sq. inch up to 325 sq. inch of area (detailed technical analysis available by our engineering team)
  • Traveling crane with 10-ton capacity
  • Resin dryers for conditioning resins PP, ABS, PC, PP Talc and GF filled
  • Portable chillers
  • DME mold temperature controller up to 9 zones
  • Yushin Robots (800T and 600T) including a conveyor system
  • Color mixing equipment to provide the right alter native to pre-colored higher cost resins

Bergstrom San Antonio Facility
202 N. Tayman St.
Suite 400B
San Antonio, TX 78226
Phone: 210.507.5670

Additional Contacts:

Armando Alanis                                                                                    Peter Schmit
Global Director of Operations                                                                 Plant Director
Phone: 210.507.5670 Ext. 8502                                                             Phone: 210.507.5670 Ext. 8101
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