Paccar Parts Honors Suppliers of the Year

Paccar Parts Honors Suppliers of the Year

July 14, 2010

Paccar Parts has named Bergstrom Inc. and Illinois Auto Truck Company as its 2009 suppliers of the year for providing quality idle reduction power systems and HVAC products, and clutches, respectively.

The suppliers were recognized for demonstrating operational efficiency, part availability, providing excellent service to customers and dealers and executing timely delivery of parts and equipment.

Bergstrom designs and manufactures cab climate systems for heavy-duty commercial trucks, off-highway machines and specialty vehicles. Bergstrom provides Paccar Parts dealers with the battery-powered Nite no-idle thermal environment systems, including the Bergstrom NITE Plus System, NITE Day Cab and the new NITE Phoenix, a no-idle solution for use in the hottest climates. The company partnered with Paccar Parts to develop a complete private-labeled ClimaTech heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) parts program for all makes of trucks.

The Illinois Auto Truck Company manufactures replacement clutches and clutch components for medium-duty to heavy-duty commercial trucks. IATCO worked with Paccar Parts to prepare for the introduction of a complete line of high-quality clutches and clutch system components for use in all makes of medium-duty to heavy-duty trucks under the private label of TRP Aftermarket Parts. IATCO also worked with Paccar Parts when it offered clutches and clutch system components under a previous private label.

"Both Bergstrom and IATCO have done an outstanding job in supplying dealers with the parts they need to provide our customers with the outstanding support they expect from Paccar's dealers," said Darrin Siver, Paccar Parts General Manager and Paccar Vice President. "Both companies work hard to keep our distribution centers and dealers well stocked with high-demand items."

In 2005, IATCO received Paccar Parts' 2004 Supplier of the Year Award.

"Our shipping is immediate so that Paccar Parts or its customers get the parts they need when they need them," said Richard Stein, President of IATCO. "And we personally follow up each order to make sure they've been fulfilled to their satisfaction."

"I'm thrilled about winning this award because Paccar Parts has such high expectations of its vendors," said Jack Shaffer, President and Chief Operating Officer for Bergstrom. "This award reflects the hard work and sense of cooperation and teamwork among the employees at both companies and at Paccar Parts dealerships."

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