Bergstrom Inc. enters strategic partnership with KBi/Kold-Ban International Ltd. for its no-idle NITE systems

Bergstrom Inc. enters strategic partnership with KBi/Kold-Ban International Ltd. for its no-idle NITE systems

January 23, 2011

Bergstrom Inc., the manufacturer of the successful battery-powered NITE no-idle systems, has entered into a strategic partnership with KBi/Kold-Ban International, Ltd., to help market and provide sales leads for KBi's KAPower super capacitor system.

Capitalizing on the research, development and manufacturing strengths of KBi and the technical expertise and relationships of Bergstrom's NITE system, this partnership solidifies both companies' position in the industry.

"This is a natural fit for us as well as KBi" said Bill Gordon, VP Sales Aftermarket and NITE. "Super capacitors can allow for the reduction in the number of starting batteries and therefore result in significant weight reductions. We're very excited about being able to help our customers make their NITE systems even more effective."

KAPower is designed as a supplemental power source to be installed in parallel with cranking batteries, thereby providing an engine the power it needs to start, even with a rundown battery. The KAPower is initially energized from the vehicle's electrical system and stores the energy until needed. KAPower has a long service life of 500,000 + cycles, is virtually unaffected by cold temperatures and is maintenance free. By substituting a KAPower in place of a group 31 battery, KAPower can also help to achieve weight reduction of a vehicle without the loss of cranking power.

As a battery-powered, no-idling system, the CARB-approved NITE systems incorporates an independent battery power source to provide electric service for climate control. This helps drivers reduce emissions and comply with anti-idling laws. It also helps save money on fuel. For more information about Bergstrom's NITE systems, visit

About KBi/Kold-Ban International, Ltd.

KBi offers KAPower super-capacitors and the KrankingKART jump-start cart for use as an auxiliary and/or emergency power source. Since KBi's inception in 1970, KBi has been the leader in the manufacturing, research and development of engine starting systems including the patented DIESELMATIC® engine starting fluid (ether) injections systems which are used as an aid to initiate the combustion process in a diesel engine during starting and immediately thereafter. KBi is an ISO 9001:2008 Registered Company. For additional information about KBi and its products, please visit KBi's website:

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