Bergstrom China introduces four new products for Chinese market

Bergstrom China introduces four new products for Chinese market

September 21, 2016

Addressing the growing need for no-idle products and higher efficiency motion control products in China, Bergstrom China recently introduced four new products designed to reduce emissions, save energy and enhance comfort.

The new products – the PK-2000 - a battery-powered, no-idle HVAC system, a brushless axial fan, a brushless motor and a wiper motor – were officially introduced during a celebration at Bergstrom’s facility in Changzhou, Jiangsu, which included Bergstrom President and CEO Jack Shaffer, President of Bergstrom China Patrick Bai and Bergstrom employees.

The new PK-2000 parking cooler is Bergstrom China’s first parking cooler model and is designed to meet the needs of the China truck market. The new wiper motor is a breakthrough product with a totally enclosed design and will be available this month. Finally, the brushless motor and brushless axial fan – also both first-generation products – are designed to enhance the energy efficiency of HVAC systems. The brushless motor will be available next month and the axial fan will be available in October.

"With the growing challenges of emission reduction and energy saving requirements, we realize there will be a huge market for no-idle HVAC products in China,” said Shaffer. "Bergstrom China has put significant resources into engineering and validation, set up a state-of-the-art assembly line and has been working closely with commercial vehicle OEMs to promote no-idle HVAC products.”

Globally, Bergstrom has manufactured more than 230,000 no-idle units. The no-idle units are battery-operated systems that save fuel, reduce emissions, keep drivers comfortable and help protect the environment.

Bergstrom China Motor Division has been providing solutions to motion control and air flow for many years, and the company’s products are well known for durability, reliability and long life.

"The Chinese engineering team worked diligently on the development of these next-generation products and our customers will not be disappointed,” said Patrick Bai, President of Bergstrom China. "Throughout the product development cycle, these engineers combine their talents and experience with their counterparts in North America and Europe to optimize system performance and reliability, while reducing program time and cost. The new products augment our existing product portfolio and will help ensure our customers remain comfortable while on the road.”

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