Bergstrom Inc. appoints William Machin Engineering Director

Bergstrom Inc. appoints William Machin Engineering Director

September 23, 2016

Dirna Bergstrom, the European division of Bergstrom Inc., has appointed William Machin as its Engineering Director.

In his new role, Machin will have the overall responsibility for the management and strategic direction of Dirna’s engineering department. Dirna Bergstrom, based in Madrid, Spain, is the leading provider in the design and manufacturing of parking coolers and A/C components and parts for industrial vehicles in Europe.

Machin was born in Argentina but was raised and educated in Great Britain. He brings more than 20 years of experience within the automotive industry to Dirna and has worked within the HVAC, cooling and compact module system sectors. Throughout his career he has been responsible for the management and development of automotive products into production.

"William is a talented engineer whose experience and leadership is a valuable asset to the Dirna team,” said Guillem Gallardo, managing director of Dirna Bergstrom. "A key part of his role is to ensure that the company brings to market products that will ensure the long term growth of Dirna Bergstrom. This will include the continued expansion of the existing product range as well as the focus on the development of new products.”

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