Bergstrom and Viatec partner to provide package of no-idle options for utility trucks

Bergstrom and Viatec partner to provide package of no-idle options for utility trucks

October 1, 2019

An idling utility truck is common. In order to supply power to the lift, the truck must idle. Likewise, in order for the crew to stay cool during drastically hot temperatures, the truck must idle.

Bergstrom and Viatec understood there was a better way to do things, so they set about innovating the technology to develop the solutions.

Viatec, a new engineering focused company, created SmartPTO, an electric power takeoff unit that is the first of its kind. Bergstrom, a long-time innovator of HVAC systems, created the new eCoolParkTM system – the only compact high-efficiency, electric no-idle A/C system.

Now utility trucks are reaping the benefits. A SmartPTO upfitted truck can save up to 1,890 gallons of fuel annually and eliminate approximately 42,300 lbs. of carbon dioxide.

One stand-out is that both systems can be integrated into existing vehicles. eCoolPark can be integrated into existing vehicle HVAC systems and its compact size allows it to be installed in multiple locations, including with the vehicle’s condenser, in the engine bay or through a remote-mounted compressor and condenser assembly. It utilizes SmartPTO’s battery capacity for its operation. SmartPTO has the option of adding additional battery capacity as well – thereby providing the required power for increased AC time.

"The size of this system sets it apart from anything else that’s currently available in the industry,” said Sean Connell, managing director of no-idle products in North America. "Also, being able to use some of the vehicle’s existing components, such as the duct work, make it very easy to install. In addition, our customers will see a reduction of fuel consumption and engine maintenance costs.”

Likewise, SmartPTO can be easily installed and helps reduce maintenance costs by 69 percent. The non-invasive build of SmartPTO allows the unit to be installed on in-field trucks, with installations typically taking less than two days. Should a heavy-duty cycle on any given day utilize all of SmartPTO’s battery, the truck can easily be switched to operate its conventional PTO. Due to the idling elimination, trucks have much less wear and tear on their engines and as a result, their resale value is increased by 25-30 percent.

When Viatec was considering options for other no-idle systems, Bergstrom was the company’s top choice.

"Bergstrom is an industry leader,” said Anjali Deodhar, vice president, sales, Viatec Inc. "They’re experts on no-idle air conditioning and have showed performance in the field. With the option of eCoolPark, Bergstrom leveraged tried and tested technology and provided it for utility trucks, which works great in conjunction with SmartPTO.”

"For Viatec, an in-unit system made sense to us,” said Neeraj Chirmulay, vice president, design and engineering, Viatec Inc. "We wanted people who have thought through cab comfort. Bergstrom is leading the charge on no-idle cab comfort solutions. Our operation is new, and we want to provide the cab comfort option from a brand people are familiar with.”

Both Viatec and Bergstrom will be at the International Construction & Utility Equipment Exposition (ICUEE) in Louisville, Kentucky Oct. 1-3. Viatec will be in booth 4156. Bergstrom will be in booth 2225.

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