Day Cab Battery Specifications
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NITE Day Cab Battery Specifications

Required for NITE Day Cab Warranty Considerations

The NITE Day Cab air-conditioning system is an all ELECTRIC, 12 VDC system, designed to maintain cabin comfort for 2 to 4 hours without requiring your engine to idle.

The NITE unit requires 1-2 batteries that meet the following specifications:

  • AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat)
  • Deep Cycle
  • Group 27 or Group 31

The newer type of sealed non-spillable, maintenance-free battery uses "Absorbed Glass Mats,” or AGM separators between the plates. This is a very fine fiber Boron Silicate glass mat. These type of batteries have advantages over gelled and can take much more abuse. AGM Battery will not leak acid if broken.


  • NITE battery system requirements:
    • 1-2 batteries required or 110 (minimum) amp hour capacity
    • Check wiring diagram for installation
  • Voltage – 12Vdc
    • 12 volt batteries must have a minimum of 105 amp hour rating

Use of any non-approved Battery Technology will automatically void any warranty and may impede the performance of your NITE system.

The NITE system batteries recharge in approximately 2 to 3 hours while your truck is running down the road.

Please note that the stock alternator will have to be replaced with an alternator with 30 amps additional charging capacity.