Bergstrom - NITE Hawk-S


We harnessed the power of the NITE® no-idle system and combined it with innovative solar energy panels and a high-efficiency fuel-based heater. The result? A groundbreaking climate solution that keeps your work truck cab comfortable without idling your engine, reducing fuel cost, engine wear and environmental impact.

Unrivaled comfort. Mind-blowing efficiency.

As a global leader in climate systems for the commercial vehicle industry, Bergstrom has taken its Class 8 truck expertise and applied it to the sports utility vehicle market. The NITE Hawk-S reduces overall operating costs for work truck vehicles by eliminating the need to idle. This decreases fuel consumption and routine engine maintenance while also eliminating exhaust emissions.

If you spend long hours in your work vehicle, the NITE Hawk-S will transform your environment into a comfortable and quiet work climate.

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The NITE® Phoenix has the highest and longest cooling capacity of any battery-powered no-idle system on the market. As a result, no matter how hot it is outside, it will be cool and comfortable inside your work truck.

  • Runs on four AGM/deep cycle batteries

  • Features a larger compressor size for greater cooling capacity.

  • Energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. Complies with all idle restriction laws.

  • Utilizes an easy-to-use LCD digital user interface and battery monitoring system.

  • Features eight to ten hours of run time.


Your ROI will be powered by the sun with the durable patented solar technology panels featured in the NITE Hawk-S system. The flexible, lightweight panels conform to
nearly any vehicle surface and are so durable that they’re virtually indestructible.

  • Supplemental battery charging significantly extends system run time.

  • Provides ongoing conditioning of the batteries, which improves battery life.

  • Available in shapes and sizes to suit any surface.

  • Practically eliminates dead batteries.

  • Extends power availability without engine idling.


You need to be comfortable in any climate mother nature throws your way. That’s why the NITE Hawk-S system utilizes Espar’s AirTronic (B4) Gas heater to warm your
vehicle. It efficiently sips your truck’s fuel and uses battery energy to produce a warm environment in even the most extreme cold conditions.

  • Automatically regulates heat through multiple heat levels.

  • Operates with low fuel and power consumption.

  • Compact size enables simple installation and eliminates electrical plug-ins.

  • No more cold starts, this system provides instant heating and defrosting.

  • EPA verified/CARB compliant for use anywhere in North America.