Bergstrom - NITE Warranty Information

NITE® Warranty

Just purchased a NITE® Phoenix or SSI for your truck? Register & activate your warranty.

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Policy & Terms

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Optional One-Year Extended Warranty

Optional Two-Year Extended Warranty

Have a warranty claim?

Parts Claim(s):

For parts, Bergstrom requires that the defective part must be returned with a completed warranty claim form.

Click here to download the NITE claim form.

Click here to download the NITE Day Cab claim form.

Complete Unit Claim(s):

Please call our warranty department toll-free at 866-204-8570 to receive your claim number. Claim numbers are required to initiate the complete unit warranty claim process.

For any and all claims that require monetary reimbursement:

Beginning January 1, 2013, the following form must be printed, completed, signed and returned before payment will be made.

Click here to download the W-9 form.

Fax the warranty form to 815.873.4690. Please attention the completed form to NITE warranty. The completed form can be sent via email to

Contact our warranty department today at 866.204.8570 with any questions or if you need additional information.