NITE No-Idle

The battery-powered NITE (No-Idle Thermal Environment) no-idle system saves fuel, keeps drivers comfortable and helps protect the environment.

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NITE Phoenix
NITE PhoenixThe NITE Phoenix has the highest and longest cooling capacity of any battery-powered no-idle system on the market.
NITE® Phoenix SSI
NITE® Phoenix SSI
The premier battery-operated A/C split system with bluetooth technology designed to fit all sleepers.
NITE PlusThe battery-powered NITE Plus system will help you stay cool and comfortable without idling your engine.
NITE Applications
NITE ApplicationsFind the right NITE system and accessories for your vehicle.
NITE Fast Facts
Quickly find system components, fuel consumption, weight, installation and how to locate a dealer.
Calculate the Savings
Calculate the SavingsUse our NITE No-Idle Calculator to calculate exactly how much you will save by not idling your truck.
Batteries & Battery Chargers
Batteries & Battery ChargersOur batteries and battery chargers are designed to save you money and improve your lifestyle.
InvertersOur selection of power inverters is well recognized for their safety, performance and low maintenance features.
NITE Distributor & Service Centers
NITE Distributor & Service CentersWe are committed to providing the trucking industry with the highest level of service. NITE customers have access to a growing network of sales and service centers across North America that can assist you with installation, service and technical assistance.
NITE Sales
NITE SalesDo you have questions about NITE products? Contact our sales team today.