Bergstrom Climate Control Systems

Solar Energy System

Our ultra-advanced solar panels will boost both your bottom line and fleet operation. Extend run-time and battery life on auxiliary systems such as HVACs, lift gates, and lighting. Meet anti-idle regulations while saving on fuel and maintenance costs.

We have brought to the market an innovative, clean technology that opens possibilities in the transportation segment. Among the many benefits, our flexible solar panels install easily and work amazingly in low light.

Powerful and Efficient:

  • Substantially increases output over competitive solar systems in real-world conditions.
  • Superior performance under all light conditions, including low sun angle and shade.
  • Delivers maximum possible power throughout the day, all year long.


  • Quick return on investment. Less than a 1- to 2-year payback compared to engine idling.
  • Low installation cost.
  • Improves battery lifetime by 20% (when conditioned using solar).


  • Solar panels easily integrate with Bergstrom NITE systems and other vehicle battery systems.
  • 24, 48, 60 and 72 cell panel configurations.
  • Thin, lightweight and flexible panels are less than 1/8” thick and weigh just .7 PSF.
  • Optional digital display that monitors solar performance.
  • Built-in safety features include a commercial grade solar disconnect switch and electrical protection for short circuit, overload, surge and reverse current (nighttime). These provide a highly reliable system that helps prevent electronic component failures.
  • Outer ETFE (fluoropolymer) layer is resistant to soiling and doesn’t require regular cleaning.
  • Manufactured in the U.S. and sourced from Tier 1 suppliers.

Strong and Durable:

  • Continually subjected to rigorous environmental and accelerated life-cycle testing beyond industry requirements.
  • Attached with an adhesive rated to withstand a minimum of 150-mph winds.
  • Components are designed to withstand harsh environments, truck washes and snow blades.

Solar Panel Technical Specifications

  • Monocrystalline panel technology
  • 160W, 330 – 2500W+ systems
  • Charge controller
  • 12VDC and 24VDC compatible

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