Bergstrom - Facilities

Rockford - US

Rockford - US

Bergstrom’s world headquarters is located in Rockford, Illinois. The sprawling 32-acre site has been the hub of all Bergstrom operations since 1971.


Corporate Headquarters

2390 Blackhawk Road
Rockford, IL 61109
Phone: 815.874.7821
Fax: 815.874.2144

Bergstrom Parts L.L.C

Aftermarket Operations
5910 Falcon Drive
Rockford, IL 61109 U.S.A.
Phone: 815.874.7821
Fax: 815.874.4692

Customer Service Phone Numbers

Aftermarket Customer Service: 800.499.6849

NITE Customer Service: 866.204.8570

Off-Highway Customer Service: 815.873.4562


Gus Anton
President Global OE Commercial HVAC
Phone: 815.730.7983 Ext. 202
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Cindi Gustafson
Managing Director, Off-Road & BES Products for North America
Phone: 815.874.7821
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John Ventimiglia
Account Manager-Truck
Phone: 815.873.4502
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Bob Ruud
Off-Highway Sales Engineer
Phone: 815.874.7821
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Victor Gontero
Director, No-Idle Sales
Phone: 815.721.7499
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Forrest Fields
Director, Bus Sales
Phone: 815.218.9100
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Larry Landreth
Director, Bergstrom Standard Products
Phone: 815.222.9804
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Robert Gardiner
Director, Kysor Aftermarket
Phone: 815.874.7821 x16711
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