Bergstrom Climate Control Systems

Integral Power System

Standalone roof-mounted air conditioning unit

Powered directly by the vehicle battery, Integral Power II is installed on the roof of the cab and is the ideal solution when there is not an original air conditioning system installed, when additional AC is required or an additional air conditioning system need to operate with the vehicle engine off.

The main applications are off-road vehicles, such as earth-moving machines, mining trucks, cranes, bulldozers, agricultural vehicles and forklift trucks.

  • Pre-charged with R134a refrigerant
  • Very robust structure
  • Low maintenance
  • Up to 5 ventilation speeds

Our All-in-1 Solution

Main Advantages:
  • Operator comfort - Provides a comfortable cab temperature.
  • Perfect match for your vehicle - Available in 12V or 24V, with manual or automatic temperature control and suited for different cab types (with or without hitch).
  • Endurance - Designed for vehicles working in demanding, harsh and heavy environments.
Voltage 12V 24V
Cooling capacity (*) 1,820 W*
6,210 BTU/hr
2,760 W*
Elect. consumption 6.5 A/hr 62.2 A/hr
Maximum air flow 346 m3/h
203 SCFM
346 M3/h
203 SCFM
Dimensions 763 x 664 x 217 mm
30.04 x 26.14 x 8.54 in
Weight 37.5 kg | 82.67 lb

(*) According to the IMACA 2000 Standard.

Automatic and Manual Models


  • Digital thermometer with automatic temperature control (°C or °F)
  • Double battery protection
  • Remote control


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