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RelGen Hybrid Charging Solution

Blackburn Energy RelGen® solution captures wasted mechanical motion and converts it to energy that can be used to power your no-idle system or other accessories. It is an onboard hybrid charging solution that creates electricity from the rotation of the driveshaft providing additional power for your no-idle system - allowing you to stay comfortable longer. It charges faster and more fully than any other system on the market. Get peak performance even during extreme conditions when getting a good night's rest is a challenge. More rested drivers are more alert and effective. Add extra batteries with the RelGen Performance Pack and get extra power for the no-idle system and other sleeper cab appliances. Improved up-time and no idling.

Fastest Charge on the Market

RelGen charges the auxiliary batteries faster than anything on the market. Charge 4 AGM batteries from zero to 100% in under 4 hours. Better still, add the the RelGen Performance Pack and let RelGen charge 8 AGM batteries in under 6 hours.

RelGen charges while the truck is driving, day or night, in any kind of weather making sure the batteries are healthy and perform at their best. Fully charged, healthy batteries significantly extend the run time of the electric HVAC system such as Bergstrom's No-Idle solutions. Use RelGen to augment charging of the truck batteries, extending the use of hotel loads without idling the engine.

ROI of Less Than a Year

RelGen makes financial sense. Most of our customers can see a full return on their investment in 12 months.

Save Fuel
  • Extend power availability without idling engine.
  • Support 8 to 11 hours of no-idle system run-time.
  • Relieve engine alternator load.
Reduce Asset Downtime
  • Excellent charge source for your batteries.
  • Get maximum life from your battery investment.
  • Avoid costly jump starts.
  • Avoid premature engine alternator failure.
Reduce Maintenance Costs
  • Extend battery life.
  • Reduce frequency of costly DPF cleaning, oil changes and engine overhauls.
  • Eliminate idling impact on warranties.

Patented Technology

Industrial grade zinc coated steel for long life.Blackburn's RelGen is patented and built to last. Features include:
  • High performance alternator.
  • Custom center bearing.
  • Stainless steel cover to protect the unit in harsh environments.
  • Mounts on almost any truck.
  • Efficiently capture and deliver clean energy

How does RelGen stack up against the competition?

Blackburn Energy's RelGen Hybrid Charging Solution is unlike any system on the market. When you install the solution, you will quickly realize the benefits of the most powerful hybrid charging solution available to the transportation industry.
  • Immediately double your truck's charging capacity.
  • Deliver 200 amps of dedicated charge.
  • Fully charge 4 batteries in under 4 hours and 8 batteries in under 6 hours.
  • Charge batteries faster and fuller than any other system.
  • Mobile - no additional infrastructure required.
  • Not affected by weather or time of day.
  • Generates and charges batteries not just a converter.


  • Low purchase price.
  • Quick return on investment, 12-month payback.
  • System can be installed at a modification centers, up fitters or by in house teams at an easy, low cost installation.
  • Improves battery health and extends the battery life.
  • Reduces engine maintenance.
  • Saves fuel.
  • Reduces emissions.


  • RelGen integrates well with the Bergstrom no-idle system.
  • Fits most Class 7 and 8 trucks.
  • Manufactured in the U.S.A.

Strong and Durable

  • Continuous testing - data gathered every 6 seconds from select units.
  • Components are designed to withstand harsh environments.

Optional Features

  • RelGen Performance Pack Includes:
    • Aluminum battery box
    • 2 or 4 additional AGM group 31 batteries
    • Installation kit
  • Data monitoring and reporting
  • Fully hybrid charge mode available
  • Customization programmable algorithm
  • 12, 24, 48 volt systems
  • Closed loop system
  • Additional batteries
  • Battery boxes

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