Bergstrom introduces two new products at Work Truck Show: NITE Hawk-S and eCoolPark

Bergstrom introduces two new products at Work Truck Show: NITE Hawk-S and eCoolPark

March 6, 2018

Indianapolis, IN (March 6, 2018) - Bergstrom Inc., a global leader in the design and manufacture of climate systems to the commercial vehicle industry, is introducing two new products at booth 5771 of the 2018 Work Truck show in Indianapolis this week: NITE Hawk-S, a no-idle HVAC system designed specifically for SUV-based work trucks and eCoolPark, the world’s only compact high-efficiency, electric no-idle a/c system.

Nite Hawk-S

NITE Hawk-S features Bergstrom’s industry-leading NITE®no-idle solution, its innovative solar energy panels as well as a high efficiency fuel-based heater. Together the components provide work truck operators with an innovative solution to maintain a comfortable and productive cab climate without needing to run the engine. This reduces overall operating costs by decreasing fuel consumption and reducing routine engine maintenance while at the same time eliminating exhaust emissions.

"With the new NITE Hawk-S, we’ve taken our expertise in the Class 8 truck market and applied it to sports utility vehicles used in the work truck industry,” said Mike Aldred, Bergstrom Manager, Business Development. "We recently installed this system in a Chevy Tahoe that is being used for security patrolling and our customer has seen huge cost savings.”

The system runs on four auxiliary AGM/deep cycle batteries that result in a system run time of roughly eight to ten hours. The addition of the solar panels further extends this run time and provide ongoing conditioning of the batteries, which improve battery life. These features make the NITE Hawk-S an appealing product for drivers who spend long periods of time in their vehicles and need cooling or heating capabilities to maintain a quiet and comfortable work environment.

This system can be adapted to a variety of vehicle configurations where operator comfort, reduced fuel consumption, reduced engine maintenance and a more environmentally friendly solution than ongoing engine idling are important considerations for your business.


Weighing less than 10 lbs, the new eCoolPark system is the world’s only compact high-efficiency, electric no-idle a/c system.

eCoolPark can be integrated into existing vehicle HVAC systems and its compact size allows it to be installed in multiple locations, including with the vehicle’s condenser, in the engine bay or through a remote-mounted compressor and condenser assembly. It utilizes existing vehicle batteries, though additional batteries can be added to increase A/C time.

"The size of this system sets it apart from anything else that’s currently available in the industry,” said Christophe Barreau, managing director of no-idle products in North America. "Also, being able to use some of the vehicle’s existing components, such as the duct work, make it very easy to install. In addition, our customers will see a reduction of fuel consumption and engine maintenance costs.”

The eCoolPark is available at 12v, 24v or 48v systems. It complies with all federal, state and local idle and noise restrictions and supports environmental sustainability efforts through reduction of vehicle emissions.”

For more information on the new NITE Hawk-S and eCoolPark by Bergstrom, please visit booth 5771.

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